The model, a tool for the architectural project.

Teacher of the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture de Toulouse, I propose a presentation of the model as a tool for reflection, conceptualization and communication.
This teaching offers a theoretical contribution, technical and practical.

Students learn about the first model by the theme of different materials that can compose. Based on reference images as architect David Chipperfield, Sana'a and ARX, or the work of artists such as Oteiza, Olafur Eliasson and Peter Callesen, they try to understand the characteristics of materials such as wood, plaster, clay, paper, plastic and metal.

different example, they will see how D. Chipperfield uses the direction of the wood fiber to reveal or highlight reports to the horizontal and vertical in a project. Peter Callesen paper learn to see differently and Oteiza reveal the metal in this capacity to reflect light, but mostly to give the illusion of light and heavy.

This supply of references and completed a technical education for example related to the different ways to varnish the wood, rounded molding technique or welding.

To complete the workshop model, a photo studio that is both practical and theoretical brings their bases necessary
to choose an angle, framing, lighting, etc..

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